Jao Pakingan

Web Designer & Developer

Hi, I am Jao, one of Digital Surfer’s talented web designers and developers. While one of the newer additions to the team, I bring many years of experience in web design and development, enjoying working on the more technical sites. My abilities with code allow me to create innovative solutions for businesses wanting to bring their dream website to life.

In my more than half a decade of experience in website development, I have worked with many different businesses across a range of industries. Whatever website I am working on, I always get great satisfaction from seeing my code come to life and positively impact users. It’s incredibly rewarding.

Jao's Story

Jao brings a diverse range of web design and development talent to Localsearch, having studied a Bachelor of Science in Information & Communication Technology, Majoring in Web Development at the Holy Angel University. From his studies, he moved into developing websites for businesses, enjoying the ever-evolving nature of technology. He loves to use new technologies to benefit businesses and help them provide the best experience to their website visitors, increasing the marketability of their site.

While Jao is passionate about web development, he loves to use his adaptable nature and ability to learn to shape his understanding and interactions with the world. It goes without saying this has led Jao to a love of travel, but also digital travels through video games and movies. He will also never say no to a game of basketball (or watching a game).

What does a web designer and developer do?

A web designer and developer is a multi-skilled specialist who both designs and builds websites. Once they have planned the flow of the website and designed the way it will look, they get to work building and developing the website, using website builder tools and code to bring it to life. There are also many types of web designers and developers, including WordPresss developers, eCommerce website builders and more.

Jao's Top Specialities

WordPress Design & Development
User Interface Design
Responsive Website Design
Creative Website Development
Landing Page Optimisation

Need a website specialist in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, or elsewhere in Australia?

With Jao and our team of web designers and developers by our side, we can build you a website that will help you level up and exceed your goals. Get in touch with our website specialists to get started on building you a site that gets you found and brings in new business.