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About Aurora Training

Aurora Training is a leading recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in South East Queensland, offering an extensive range of certifications and diplomas. With world-class trainers, and both on-campus, on-the-job and online study options, anyone can get the skills they need to start a new career or upskill their experience. However, they were ready to level up, expanding to a more diverse range of students in Australia, which is when they contacted Digital Surfer

Client Goals & Challenges

In 2022, Aurora Training approached Digital Surfer to improve and diversify their online visibility with the goal of improving their interest from year 11 and 12 high school students, mature-aged career chargers, and academic and career advisors within schools. They specifically wanted to increase interest in their Certificate III courses, including their Certificate III in Individual Support course. Starting in December 2022, our goal was to increase their visibility and engagement through the use of search engine optimisation and paid ads.

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Our SEO & Paid Ads Strategy

To ensure our own extensive keyword and data research would bring in the most relevant leads for Aurora Training, we worked with the business to pinpoint the different needs of each of their target audience groups. This would allow us to not only create pages specific to each course to gain visibility for our chosen keywords, but to ensure once on the page, site visitors would find the information they need to entice them to make contact. Once we had this information, we were able to expand our content and use user metrics to further optimise each Certificate III page, including the Certificate III in Individual Support.

These pages would also be key in our Google Ads strategy and funnelling. By having the most relevant pages to the key terms being targeted, we could lower the cost per click and conversion, as well as increase the likelihood of enquiries. Over time, we were able to use the user intent and keyword data to further refine our ad copy to further the clicks on the ads from the most relevant target audiences.

Our Strategy & Direction

Ryan & Peter at the 2024 APAC Search Awards

Campaign Results

The Results

The combined SEO and paid ads campaign for Aurora Training between December 2022 and August 2023 (and ongoing) has seen incredible growth in visibility and conversions. In this period, we have seen:

  • A 104% increase in overall traffic, from 3,956 sessions in December 2022 to 8,057 in August 2023.
  • A 73% increase in organic traffic, with a near-doubled increase in sessions.
  • A 54% increase in calls through Google Business Profile, with more than 659 interactions in the 10-month period.
  • 708 conversions via Google Ads, with the average conversion costing only $21.52.

Through conversion tracking, we have been able to see the quality of each lead, further optimising the ad campaigns and SEO strategy to increase both the quantity and quality of leads as time goes on. As a result, Aurora Training has been able to expand their marketing further to increase their student diversity across more courses.

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With Digital Surfer

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